How to Help

How to Help

Volunteer Opportunities

Your time, skills and enthusiasm are valuable, and there are many ways to volunteer for The Grapevine. Opportunities include assisting with playgroups, helping with community suppers or the community wood bank, sharing your craft or skill or expertise with parents or children, and facility and grounds maintenance, to name a few. To learn more about how you can help by volunteering, please contact us.

Join the PSE and get Time Dollars for Volunteering!

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Make a Financial Contribution

The Grapevine is a local nonprofit organization, funded by a grants and charitable contributions. Local support keeps our doors open. You can send your tax deductible contribution to The Grapevine at PO Box 637, Antrim, NH 03440 or donate online now by clicking on the button to the right of this page.

Keep in mind employers will often match donations. And thank you for your support!